Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A man and his wife once had a golden ring. This ring had special powers and whoever owned it would always have enough to live in.
One night, the ring was stolen. As soon as it was out of the house, they became poorer and poorer, until they began to starve. Their dog and their cat wondered how they could help. At last, the dog decided to try to get the ring back.
The cat liked the idea. They set of on their journey immediately. The two animals came to a great river, and since the cat could not swim, the dog took her on his back and swam across the river. The cat crept quietly into the house and retrieved the ring. Quickly, the cat returned to the river where the dog was waiting. He carried her across once more. Then they started home together. Since the cat could scamper straight across the roof-tops, she arrived home well before the dog. She gave her master the ring. "What a good cat she is!" the man told his wife. "We shall give her plenty to eat and care for her like our own child."                                    
When, at last, the dog arrived, they were- angry with him for not helping. While the dog was chased out to live outside, the cat just sat there purring and said nothing. The dog was angry with the cat for cheating him out of his reward. Since then, whenever he saw the cat, he would chase her.
From that day, the dog and the cat have been enemies.   

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